How did this Happen!!!

When I get home from I usually take a minute a scan through my reader. Well OK, I just bought a tablet for work and I happened to stumble across the WordPress ap for android based tablets and thought what the heck…

When, to what my wondering eyes should appear a…

Inspiring Blog awardI was nominated by my friend Robin whose own blog is fun and interesting as she talks about dating and other aspects of her life. I’ve only been blogging for little over a year and never thought about getting nominated for anything when I first started, for that matter I never I could be nominated for anything. So without further ado…

Seven things you may not know about me…

  1. I’m single, never been married, have enjoyed several co-habitations over the years. There was one gal who would have married me but I wasn’t in love with her, and one I would have married but she was in love with me. I’m not opposed to the idea, just hasn’t been in the cards yet…
  2. I gave serious consideration to trying my hand at competing professionally in Darts (I’ll blog about that time someday :))
  3. I’ve been a guitar player for 41 years, I also dabbled in the Banjo, Dulcimer, Bass, Harmonica, and Penny Whistle. I played in local area band for a number of years during which we were billed by a bar as Classic Rock N Roll from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s it was amazing to see the number of people who showed up just to hear classic 40’s rock…
  4. I broke the speedometer in my ’69 Chevy Nova by taking over 140 mph…
  5. A few years after high school I was the night manager of a local 711 in my hometown I used to entertain customers by correctly calculating their purchases in my head before the cashier could ring them up. A side effect of growing up in an accounting firm.
  6. I was on Bozo’s Circus as a contestant in the Grand Prize Game…
  7. I once sold Judge Reinhold a pack of cigarettes and know one the main actors in “The Big Bang Theory” (But that will have to wait till I get to it in my blogs about driving a cab.)

Now the hard part. One the things that I’ve enjoyed most about this whole blogging experience has been learning from and getting to know other bloggers what an interesting and fascinating group of people. Trying to pare down the list to only 15 is going to be tricky and will not reflect a list of whose I think is better than whose only the 15 I feel are most deserving of mention, I fact think almost all the blogs in my reader are worth mentioning but the rules are 15 so here they are.

  1. While searching around for people posting about writing and blogging, I found this great site Eagle-Eyed Editor definitely a worth a read.
  2. Mimi is a blogger I met through Freshly Pressed. Her story about her dad was great and made me reflect on times I spent with mine.
  3. Marj and her blog about maintaining a simple life and focusing on the things that are truly important and getting away from materialism. She also posts about life in the Philippines, and the importance of family and friends her writings are inspiring.
  4. Joe’s blog about Maritime, Naval, Wartime history is always good way to delve into that part of history, his insights and experiences are fascinating.
  5. Jak’s blog about Photography is very cool. When he’s not reposting other great photography blogs. His conversations about is own work and the history of photography and photographers is definitely worth reading as are his assessments of cameras old and new.
  6. Anita’s blog on her artwork is always great to look at. She’s very talented and a fellow Mid-Westerner (by happenstance I follow the blogs of a few fellow Mid-Westerners.)
  7. Scott’s Blog a day on current events is always interesting.ย  I find myself there frequently commenting on stuff he posts.
  8. Michele’s Blog is always good for both lite hearted topics and more serious content. Her signature *Hugs* end every post and every reply.
  9. Erica’s Blog goes from wacky to serious depending on her mood. She has some self-image issues that she’s working through and she’ll get through them eventually realizing something that her readers already know, she’s beautiful both inside and out.
  10. Yisraela’s Blog about spiritual and natural things and be a reminder as well as a source for inspiration and spiritual exploration.
  11. Jeffery’s Blog is a great mix of stories and pictures of his cycling around the countryside of Arkansas as well as his thoughts on other issues.
  12. History of the Ancient World is one of my favorite blogs when I’m in the mood for history it’s well written and researched. It also features stunning photos of the things and places they talk about.
  13. Popgun is great site for pop-culture old and new. I frequently find interesting tidbits on it.
  14. Madi Her tag-line says it all; ” A small town girl trying to make it big with the written word.” She covers everything from her experiences with college to current events…
  15. Iamforchange is always mix of poetry and self-improvement, reading it makes you think…

It took a lot of time to decide this list there are so many more I would nominate if I could!

Thank you again Robin! It was a great surprise finding my site on your list! ๐Ÿ™‚

About MartyW47

Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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30 Responses to How did this Happen!!!

  1. Congratulations and thank you so much, Marty. Awards always touch my heart.

  2. iamforchange says:

    Congratulations and thank you Marty! I am grateful and appreciate the nomination and the smiles as well as your presence here and in our world. Thanks for sharing with us! ๐Ÿ™‚ Joe

  3. Congratulations to you, Marty! I am honored that you would mention me and I am excited about checking out blogs that are unknown to me. Thanks so much!

  4. hey, marty!
    you know, reading your stuff is really interesting…no, wait….its more than that…its damn right great!
    and it was about time you got nominated for an award…congrats to you, sir!
    but please, do carry on writing about your cab driving experiences…it makes superb reading!
    oh, and thanks very much for listing my name down as well…i didnt think my few words on here were worth anything really…!

  5. Robin knows her stuff fer sher! You have a great and fun blog Marty. Keep up the good work. And thanks for mentioning mine. -Mimi

  6. combs2jc says:

    Congrats Marty, you deserve it. I always like reading your posts, and it seems like we also follow the same bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚
    How about a photo of that Nova. Looking forward to the blogs on darts. I was never any good but always tried. Noticed that as the P’s & Q’s increased I hit the wall more often than the board.

    • MartyW47 says:

      I noticed that too… It’s all other example of “Six Degrees of Separation.” Keep the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MartyW47 says:

        I wish I had some photos of that car….. It wasn’t tricked out just fast… Spray can two tone black exterior with a faded dark green interior no ac, no cruise, manual brakes, am radio… God I loved that car…. Lmao!

  7. the_lunatic says:

    Congrats to you!
    And thank you … danging, such nice words!

    • MartyW47 says:

      Your most welcome Erica! Your blog is always a pleasant surprise one never knows what they’ll find once they get there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. madimoore says:

    Congrats on your award! You certainly deserve it. And thank you for mentioning me, of all people in your list of 15 (I too agree that 15 isn’t nearly enough!). I am glad that a (somewhat) ordinary college student can be fascinating enough to a fellow blogger! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MartyW47 says:

      Us ordinary college students have to stick together… ๐Ÿ˜‰ One of the strengths of the blogging community is the input from many different types of people who blog. If one is to truly take advantage of this resource one must be prepared to accept all the points on view being expressed… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. lol im not sure i actually put any thoughts in my blog but i do put a lot of photos

  10. Thanks, Marty! I’m flattered that you mentioned me. And now I have 13 new blogs to visit and 13 new friends to make (I’m already following Joe; he loves history like me). YEAH!

    • MartyW47 says:

      Eagle your is one of the first I started to follow, I found yours on Freshly Pressed, you were writing something about common mistakes in writing that people make (if I remember correctly! ;)). Joe’s blog is great! I’m a history buff too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I envy you for having the talent to play the guitar. It was my frustration and the reason I easily fell for my son’s guitar instructors in the past. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My take about unmarried men is they simply enjoy being erm, playboys! Ha ha – just kidding. Do invite me to your wedding ceremony when it happens, ok?

    Martin, I was really surprised to find my name on your list when I went online earlier tonight ( I was offline for 3 days). It’s really such an honor. You’ve always been kind and supportive to me. I want you to know how precious you’ve become as my blogging friend for the past few months – and I can’t thank you enough.
    You certainly deserve the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because you are an articulate, insightful and natural writer. Congratulations!

    With affection,

    • MartyW47 says:

      Marj! Thank you for your supportive and kind words about my blog! Hahaha! Playboy?!? Me? Nah, I’ve just spent a lot of time doing things in life that made dating and ultimately marriage something I’ve never had a lot of time for. Though now my life has slowed down considerably so who knows… If happens I’ll definitely invite you!

  12. reocochran says:

    This was a fantastic post, Marty! I liked the way you answered the things we did not know about you and included some really cool stuff. I liked the way you had our first names and how you do it, someday I will learn that skill! You are very deserving of the award and I am so happy to have found your blog! Take care, Robin

    • MartyW47 says:

      Robin! I’m very happy I found your blog as well, it’s very interesting and entertaining! Putting links into text is easy. Send me an email and I’ll gladly explain… Thank you again for the nomination! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. History of the Ancient World says:

    Congratulations Marty, and thank you so much for the nomination! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  14. Marty
    Bozo’s circus… how fun! I can actually see that. You just crack me up. And I know why you got the award. I love your candor and overall attitude about life. Just like a wonderful wave moving across the lake.
    Take care Marty

    • MartyW47 says:

      Bozo was definitely fun a landmark in Chicago television at it’s height of popularity parents had to order tickets 7 years in advance. I didn’t make all 5 or 6 buckets I think I missed after 3, but it introduced to two of my favorite childhood games, battleship and stratego. Having had many odd and interesting experiences in my life has made cognizant about life and the people in it. To that end I often strive to not sweat the small stuff treat people with the understanding that we all make mistakes and we all have flaws. So I always look towards the positive. I also try not to build myself up in front of others, whatcha see is whatcha get…

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