At 47 it seemed like a good time to go back to college. I have to admit I’m having a blast! Currently, I’m studying emergency services management at Triton College in River Grove IL. After finishing my first semester I found out that I have a bit of the writing bug so I thought I’d try experimenting here just see what happens….

I currently work for a police department located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Although I currently have no plans to write about my working there a lot of the stories that I’ve posted are based on the experiences and events in my life, so if you take the time to read them you’ll learn something about me. Not that I’m all that interesting but I had some interesting adventures in my life so far and plan a few more before I move on to a higher plane of existence…..

Taken from the police entrance to my station. I’ve always thought the Rainbow was an interesting contrast to the scene framing it.

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  1. Hi Martin! Just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our recent post on bungy jumping in Japan. Much appreciated! All the best with your studies and writing ventures! 🙂

  2. Anita Miller says:

    Hi Martin! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my painting. Best of luck in your studies and writing!

  3. nishanil says:

    Hi Martin! Thanks for in-depth study and commenting on my post. Bonne chance avec vos études et écrits, Martin!

    • Je vous remercie! Pour vos commentaires et vos goûts. Merci à Google de traduire, car bien que je parle un peu espagnol et en allemand, je n’ai jamais étudié le français!

  4. marj says:

    I’m new here and after initially reading a couple of your delightful posts, I say you definitely can write well, Martin. Such a gratifying and successful experiment on your part, don’t you think so?
    Looking forward to reading more about your thoughts and experiences.
    Oh I envy you for having the luxury of time to go back to college. And it’s heartwarning to know you love animals as much as I do.
    Warm Regards.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and welcome Marj! I’m enjoying my time here on wp very much, there are many interesting and diverse people on here and learning about what they want or have to say to world is fascinating!

  5. History of the Ancient World says:

    Hi Martin! Thank you so much for following my blog. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. s1ngal says:

    Wow! You’re such an inspiration. Love your writing and your nieces, the High Maintenance & the minimalist 😀

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you very much S1ngle! Yep they’re quite an interesting duo, as the minimalist’s (Betsy) Language skills are rapidly developing she already showing the ability to grasp both subtle & complex humor much better then her sister, she’s also great at making connections in associative thinking on things like numbers and finding commonalities in unlike objects. Her sister Debbie not to be outdone is incredibly creative and much better at structured and deductive reasoning….. but in the end they still argue over which Barbie gets to wear which dress and who started it……. 😉

  7. Hi there Martin
    Thank you for visiting my site. I applaud you for going back to school. It is a wonderful time when you further your life skills and loves and expand horizens. I have a great interest in Criminal Justice. And have spent the better part of my life, working in the medical field various aspects of it, and got a two year AA in Animal Health Technology.
    I did all that at a later time in life. Along with a eduational background in Psychology. You are a go getter for sure. And best of wishes to you. I will continue to check in and see what you are up to.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank very much Yisraela! Yes college is a fun, I decided that after getting my AA in Emergency Management I’m going to continue and get a Bachelors in Psychology. I’ve always had a fondness for the science fields and want to explore them further… I like your site and look forward exploring it more as my time allows…

      • I appreciate anyone who pursues avenues of self improvement. Best of wishes in that pursuit. You will do well, because you care to.
        Please visit as time allows and I will do the same.
        The world is becoming a better place for all the many people I am coming to know.

  8. I never graduated till I was in my thirties, but I blame our beautiful SB campus on the beach. Good for you for going back; I took a creative writing class as recently as 5 years ago, and am itching to take a poetry one…A perennial academic, ’cause life is for the learning! 🙂

    Oh, right…nice to meet you …sorry to yammer on so long before saying…:) and great writing! Very personable and intelligent and funny.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Charron! Your welcome to yammer on here as long as you like! I agree life is definitely for the learning… I’ve always considered myself a free ranged academic reading and learning about the world around me through means other than the traditional academic studies to that end I’ve work in many different fields over years from cab driver to lab tech, to retailer besides my time spent in law enforcement and insurance as well as a myriad of other professions, Also more educational and artistic endeavors such as being a professional musician, participating in groups like the Society of Creative Anachronisms (SCA). For now I’m content with my college time as I develop new areas of exploration (Like this Blog) and see where life takes me from there. Feel free to comment to anything you see here, good or bad is all good. Thanks again for stopping by and saying hi! 😉

  9. Thank you so much for visiting, following, commenting and liking my post. I feel honored by your visit and your beautiful comment. My blog honors police and you work for the police department. I am fortunate to discover your blog and would be a regular visitor. I like the posts I have read so far. See you. Take care and have a lovely day.

  10. Gayle says:

    Hi Marty, I been away from the blogs for a while, I like the added page you did

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Gayle! I pretty happy with the way it turned out. I do my best writing on things I feel strongly about, but the photography just lets me be creative…

  11. Prasad says:

    You have got a beautiful blog running here. Your vision and thoughts are indeed a revelation. Great work. Keep blogging. I will definitely hang around here a lot savouring the perfect cocktail you offer here.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you VERY much Prasad! You words are very kind for my simple corner of the blogosphere… Please feel free to comment on anything you read here or see on my other page. All comments are good and humbly accepted! 🙂

  12. Saba-Thambi says:

    Thanks for the follow

  13. Saba-Thambi says:

    Age is not a barrier for education. Everyday we learn something new…so keep at it.

  14. Thanks for following my blog, Marty. I enjoyed reading about lunch with your nieces. I am a fan your writing style and look forward to following your blog as well. Blessings!

  15. Uncle Spike says:

    So you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers Martin…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click. Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too. If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂 Have a great old day… UNCLE SPIKE uncle.spikes.adventures1@gmail.com

  16. Livonne says:

    I’m back at school at the ripe old age of 52, trying my hand at photography. The good thing is, when you go back later on in life, you’re there because you really want to be.. Good luck in your endeavours 🙂

    • MartyW47 says:

      I hear ya Livonne! My attitude towards school is different from my considerably younger classmates (I’ll be 50 next April) though I think it has a lot to do with the fact that being older I tend to be more proactive in getting the work done and not so intimidated by complex assignments. Then again I’m treated differently by the teachers as well, definitely on a more “equal” level since I’m there to improve my already existing skills and increase my knowledge in “new” areas (my degree is in the field of emergency services and I’ve been in law enforcement for 12 years now). I hear ya on the photography as well, started a 2nd page to this blog just for photography, click the Photo A Go-Go link above if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with school! 🙂

  17. Candia says:

    Thanks for following my posts.
    I just wondered what you played when you said that you had been a musician….?

    • MartyW47 says:

      Your welcome Candia! I’ve been playing guitar since I was 8 I also play bass, tenor banjo, and tin whistle. while dabbling in drums and keyboards. Guitar, Bass, and Banjo, I played in bands, rest more for fun… 🙂

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