Wordless Wednesday has a new home…

I know, it’s a shock, completely unexpected. But a change needed almost inevitable it’s now on my photography page. That way I can go back to being wordy on here! 🙂

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A New Edition

You may have not noticed but I’ve been adding a lot of photographs recently. It started out as fun for WordPress challenges but it also struck a chord inside me that I had gotten used to the idea of wanting one but never actually going out and acquiring one. A camera that is, when I was young (really young around 12 or 13) I wanted a Pentax Asahia K1000, I was really into photography in those days and had read a lot about the cameras of the day and most 35mm were ridiculously expensive. The Pentax though was fairly reasonable in price and highly regarded as a student’s camera for those just beginning in photography.

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Life on Top, Wordless Wednesday. (photos by me)

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One Direction, Different View

One Direction, Different View

My friend Angie at “Moments of Your Life” Posted a very cool picture under this Photo a Day Challenge, so I though I’d try the same mine isn’t nearly as cool as hers, but is one direction with a different view… 😉


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Frank Lloyd Wright, Wordless Wednesday (photo’s by me)

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Belated Wordless Wednesday…. Again! Arrgghh, anyways. In Praise of Pixlr (photo by me, additions by Pixlr)


Me2 retouched2

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Fresh a wordpress photo challenge (photo by me)


Smokes1 retouchd

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Am I Wrong? Trayvon and George

I originally posted this as a response to a blog post on another site. I thought I’d share it here to see what others thought…

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A Drive in the Country, Wordless Wednesday (photos by me)

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It Always Happens at the Worst Possible Time… pt6

The Tuesday morning call from the vet was even better. The chicken and rice had been mixed with her hospital food and she was eating her Albumin levels were close to normal but still low, one last night would be advised the vet said and I agreed so I got ready to go in to see her. When I got there she must have heard me coming because she was already standing at the gate when I got there.


By Tuesday she was already a dog with an agenda. She was hoping I brought her a dog biscuit with a file in it!

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