Revisiting an Old Haunt

This evening I had the opportunity to visit a place where I and my friends spent many hours over the weekends (and occasionally during the week) hanging out and enjoying some of the best pizza Chicago has to offer…

004My Pie, the restaurant we frequented was originally on Clark Street just north of Fullerton Avenue in the Lincoln Park section of the city of Chicago. It was wood-paneled with stained glass lights and a fireplace that along with the salad bar helped divide the odd-shaped space into basically four separate but open areas while a reel to reel piped in music. In the front they had  a small waiting area for people waiting to pick up a take out order (they didn’t offer delivery) or for those waiting to be seated. It was frequently full, since it was common for there to be a line out the door and down the street on Friday and Saturday nights.  It didn’t take us long to get in good with the staff there so we were able to bypass the lines and get seated relatively quick. We’d get kick out of the people standing line watching us and making comments like; “Who do they know?” or “Who the hell are they?” the reality was we were good patrons, we were never any trouble, kept relatively quiet for a group of ten to as many as twenty people and always were generous in showing our appreciation to the wait staff for their efforts. We also got to know the staff the Maitre’d, Joel was great, the quintessential host, He always kept things moving and professionally dealt with any an all customer complaints,which were usually focused on the long wait to get in to the restaurant and almost never on the quality of the food within. To the speed, efficiency  and quality of service provided by such great waitresses as Donna, Cathy, Julie, and many more…

But still the main attraction and reason why My Pie brought in so many people. The food, like I said, the pizza is truly the best Chicago has to offer and is in my opinion defines what Chicago deep dish should be. The crust is crisp along the out edge without being to doughy or too tough on the inside. The sauce is clean, not heavy or over powering to the individual flavors in the pizza. Instead it provides a base by which everything that went into it can be showcased. Basil, Oregano, Garlic, Tomatoes, as well as the meats or other additions are featured in a chorus of favors. My Pie has always been extremely particular in their choices regarding ingredients and it shows.

But the great food went beyond the pizza, they have a mozzarella garlic bread that is as distinctive as it is good…

My Pie Garlic Bread

They take a loaf of bread and slice diagonally and insert olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, and mozzarella cheese in the cuts then wrap it in foil and bake it. It is unlike any other garlic bread I’ve ever had and beats them all hands down.

  Sadly though, the Clark and Fullerton location closed a few years ago and they moved to a small venue in Bucktown. Fortunately, Lincoln Parks loss was Bucktown’s gain even though the size of the restaurant is smaller the high quality of the food hasn’t changed…

The Logo on the box harkens back to the good ole days when it was at Clark & Fullerton...

The Logo on the box harkens back to the good ol days when it was at Clark & Fullerton…

Walking into the new location certainly didn’t look like the old place, but it certainly smelled like it. The smell is one of those rare smells that truly tell you how good the food is the oder of the baking pizzas comes through in taste of the finished product. As much as things had changed, the pizza hasn’t it’s still the Best in Chicago, if your out this way definitely give this place a try. I’m going to include additional pictures on my photography page and here’s link to a review a friend of mine did on his blog page….


The doors unique handle is because they use the mathematical symbol for pi as part of their logo one of the unusual and fun aspects of the original restaurant.

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Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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12 Responses to Revisiting an Old Haunt

  1. Looks delish 🙂

    • MartyW47 says:

      It was… My Friends and I start going to the restaurant on Clark & Fullerton almost 30 years ago, even with the move it’s still great pizza!

  2. The smell of the food always tells us whether it is delicious or not. Enjoyed reading about your favorite pizza place. The photos are great.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Your right about that Samina! When I walked in the smell of the place took me back to the original restaurant. I knew as soon as I smelled it the pizza was going to be good, when I finally got it home and tasted it, it was everything I remembered! 🙂

  3. I just order 3.14… pis…can you pick up, please?

  4. reocochran says:

    Wow! Your description of the food, along with the photos, has my mouth watering! And it is almost noon here at the good old library. You may have caught that my youngest daughter moved only a short half hour away but it seems so empty in my one bedroom apt…. But I am so glad that you could go to the new location and I bet you miss the days of being the ones in the “know” and “Who the hell are you that you could get in there so quickly” days!! Thanks for visiting me, sorry it took me awhile… to get back. You are special to me, Marty!

    • MartyW47 says:

      Glad your back Robin! Always good to see you on here! Yes it was definitely fun slipping in past the line… A half an hour away isn’t bad, takes me 20 minutes to get to and from the PD. 30 if traffic is bad… You have to think of all the advantages you have now, for example no one there to complain if ya one rip right the middle of your favorite TV show, or complain if you drink milk straight out of the carton… 😉

  5. adinparadise says:

    That mozzarella garlic bread looks scrumptious. 🙂

    • MartyW47 says:

      It is! The olive oil and the oils from the cheese and the garlic permeate the bead completely creating gooey cheesy garlicky middle with a crispy crust… The cheese that leaks out gets a little brown which adds great flavor… 🙂 .

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