It Always Happens at the Worst Possible Time… pt5

Sundays visit better, Freya got up, shaky but she was standing. She was drinking a lot of water but still not eating they had been syringe feeding her but something had to be done towards get her to eat. I had suggested chicken and rice and the tech agreed that something homemade might have more appeal than the food they had been offering. I tried hand feeding her but she just wasn’t interested in their food either the wet or the dry. I had to leave for work soon so the tech said they’d feed her that evening and I agreed to bring in chicken and rice on Monday.  Since she was up I figured I’d try getting her out to the exorcise area and see what happened. I hoped she might perk up a bit and maybe be more agreeable to eating. The walk outside was slow, her steps were shaky but she seemed determined to get away from where she was. She probably thought we were going home, once outside I slipped her leash off and walked slowly around the area staying with her in case it go to be too much.

Freya day 1st outside

The heat radiating off the pavement was staggering as Freya and I walked around area and to the grassy sections near the edge.

Freya was determined to try to find an exit finally she made her way back to the door I leashed her again and we re-entered the cool air-conditioned hospital. I could tell she wasn’t out of the woods yet and hoped that Monday would be a better day. When we got back to her room the tech was there to re-connect the I.V.s, we said our goodbyes and I told I’d see her tomorrow. She knew I was leaving and flopped back down on the bed. I stayed a few more minutes petting her until she drifted back off to sleep.  When I got back to the car my mind was racing, thinking that she might not pull out of this. But I was determined to do anything I could to help her. I lit a cigarette and pulled out of the lot, the drive to work seemed to take no time at all. I had spent the whole 10 mile drive thinking about her and it wasn’t until I put the car into park that I realized that I had forgotten to stop and grab something to eat! It didn’t really matter even though I hadn’t eaten anything I wasn’t particularly hungry either.

Work was what I needed and the challenges of the police department kept my mind off Freya at for brief periods while I dealt with the daily demands of the job. The shift was relatively uneventful and the trip home was replay of the days events with Freya at the hospital.  Seeing her fighting to keep moving wasn’t surprising she’s a head-strong little girl who pushes on to get what she wants. Right now, I knew she wanted out of there. I had arranged with my sister to pick up the chicken and rice mix on my back to the hospital Monday morning, I normally would have prepped it myself but I had neither chicken nor plain rice at home and the thought of running around getting the ingredients and then having to prepare it first thing in morning was something I would have gladly done but my sister offered to help with anything she could and she already had everything needed.

Sunday night at the studio was rough, I sat there for a while staring at her empty crate as the idea that she might now becoming home sank it. Her Albumin levels were rising slowly but steadily increasing. They had been able to secure another bag of Albumin so that issue had been resolved but Freya was still sick and weak the Albumin deficiency carries its own problems and there was still a chance that it might not be enough. Sleeping that night was not restful nor did it come easy, but it was sleep.  About 9am the vet called with an update, Freya wasn’t eating, she had talked to the tech I had spoken to on Sunday and thought the chicken and rice was a great idea, the morning blood showed another rise in her albumin levels which was also good but she was still shaking while standing and that was still a concern that she hoped getting her to eat would cure. I sat there on the bed for several blurry eye moments. I needed more sleep the agonizing over Freya for the last four days was pushing me to my limits, fortunately I don’t start work until 330pm on Mondays so with a bit of good news and a more encouraging tone from the vet I set the alarm for 1030 and went back to bed.

A quick shower and a swing by my sisters and I was off to the hospital. Freya was more active when I got there the tech whom I had been talking to on Sunday was there and led me back to see her. The tech also informed me that Freya was still not eating. I said; “I brought the chicken and rice, she nuts about chicken, she’ll eat this I’m sure.” Freya heard our approach and was indeed standing at the gate when I got there, she was still wobbling but she was standing and slightly wagging her tail. We got the cage open and I stepped in, she wobbled over to greet me and brace her self against my leg. I scratched her head and told how good she was being and opened the bag removing a handful of rice and chicken. “I brought something for you!” I said as I placed the handful of chicken in front of her nose. She got very excited by the smell and began gulping down the chicken and rice in flash she was licking my hand cleaned and reached into the bag and pulled out another serving, she started gulping that too. “Oh my God! Look at her go!” Exclaimed the tech; “We were really concerned when she wouldn’t eat I guess we weren’t feeding her right stuff! I’ll get you a dish try to mix some of the dry food in with it.”  with that the tech disappeared down the hall. I kept feeding Freya the chicken and rice mixed with some of the dry food.

I knew she’d eat it, chicken is her all time favorite food and me feeding her by hand makes it all the more special to her. I took a second and removed her cone to give her greater access to the food in my hand and her water. A few minutes later the tech returned with a small dish and I put the food in it and had just set down for her when the vet came walking up. “I hear Freya is eating, that’s wonderful, she needs to get food in her.” ” Yeah she’s already consumed half the bag.” I replied; “Will I be able to take her outside?” The vet agreed to the trip outside and we spoke for a few moments about how Freya was doing, her albumin levels were rising but she still wasn’t out of the danger zone the food would be a big help too, I told the vet I’d leave the rest of the bag and would bring in more if needed. Freya was still going to need one more night but if all went well she could be out by Tuesday. Hearing that was a great relief.

Day 4 A

The cone makes everything more difficult but it’s a needed protection for the stitches and the I.V.s

The trip to work was more hopeful and the relief felt allowed me to realize more fully how much of a toll it was taking on me. I was exhausted, needed coffee, in all my rushing around I had again forgotten to eat something myself and remembering the oder of the chicken and rice only made it worse. I swung into Dunkin’ for an iced coffee and ham sandwich, both seemed exceptionally good…

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6 Responses to It Always Happens at the Worst Possible Time… pt5

  1. Glad to hear she’s doing better! Sending good wishes to Freya.

  2. reocochran says:

    I love the way you wrote this special story about Freya, I was holding my breath for some good words, positive improvement. Crossed my fingers and worried, too. I like my brother’s dogs and have had dogs growing up. I lost my lab/german shepherd mix a month ago, for seven years from pup to age 7 he was as much mine as my ex’s but the last 7 years Tobias, otherwise Toby, was his. I would visit and the howling and whining broke my heart so I stopped going. Guilty feelings… So glad your Freya is “on the mend.”

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you Robin! My condolences on the loss of Toby. I’ve had two dogs since I moved out of my parents house thirty years ago and had a roommate with three dogs so they’ve always been around me. My first dog “Jack of the Yukon” was an AKC Yellow Labrador Retriever (He was also a Dudley, that’s a yellow lab with a pink nose.) I and my girlfriend at the time got him while we were living together. When we split I was going to take him with me but I decided to leave him with her and her son after we determined that taking Jack away from Kevin (her son) would be to hard on him. I did visit with him on occasion. You’re right, those visits are hard. He made it to 15 before he died from cancer.

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