It Always Happens at the Worst Possible Time… pt3

“Hello, Mr. Wiegand, This is Doctor …..” “Hello Doctor, how’s my girl?” the adrenaline was pumping and the sleepy veil had temporarily lifted as my focus was entirely on the phone and person speaking through it.  “She came though the surgery well, her uterus had folded over on itself. That’s what the odd shape in the x-ray was. the rest of her internal organs looked good so there’s not problem there. We’re currently watching her while she comes out of the anesthesia. Not barring any unforeseen complications you can pick her up tomorrow!” The orignal x-rays had shown a mass that they weren’t sure exactly what it was and there was some concern that there might have been another condition being hidden by the Pyometra. “Thank you Doctor! Thank you very much for your efforts!” I said after a brief exchange of additional and relatively minor information regarding Freya’s care the Doctor. remembering my mentioning my lack of sleep and hearing the hoarseness in my voice bid me good goodbye and told me to get some sleep.

The first time I saw Freya after surgery, It was Saturday, The day she was suppose to come home.

The first time I saw Freya after surgery, It was Saturday, The day she was supposed to come home. Please forgive the out of focus shot, I was being somewhat covert in case they were uncomfortable with pictures while inside the hospital. (photo by me)

Ending the conversation with the and feeling some tension release over the fate of Freya, climbed into bed and passed out within seconds.  Though it was a deep sleep it was a short one, 4 hours later I was awake and thinking about Freya. I was glad that things went well, but I had a nagging feeling that sending her home on Saturday seemed somewhat quick given the severity of the illness that landed her there in the first place, but the Doctor seemed confident so I figured it was time to bring my investigative skills into place and take a close look at the place where I had by fate been required to entrust the life and wellbeing of my buddy.  During my time with the police I spent awhile assisting a couple of County Sheriffs investigating Identity Theft cases. During that time I discovered that I have a talent for searching assorted data bases and coming up with information missed by other more experienced people conducting similar searches and built a reputation with the Sheriffs that no matter how unlikely what I had uncovered was pointing to the person who was guilty of the crime. My information was correct and to that end the Sheriffs caught the person they were looking for and the crime was solved. My record with them was 100% for every case they brought me, it got the point where they didn’t question my findings they just went and got the bad guy. But that’s a story for another day, today I was checking out the place the caring for Freya and without using police resources I was determined and surfing the net.

What I discovered was both good and bad, the hospital had received high praise from people whose beloved pets they saved and searing criticism from those whom they could not help. Frankly, I expected to find exactly that, but I was also analyzing the information for similarities in the descriptions of treatment between both groups. I found some and started building a picture of the level of care I could expect and what I needed to watch out for regarding the way they seem to operate their business. Most of it was understandable in so far as one has to keep in mind that these are highly trained people who expect to be compensated for their skills. People who are not medical doctors in the sense of being able to treat human beings and rules for treatment and what can be expected from them is different from the expectation placed on human medical doctors. Having gotten what I felt was a reasonable picture. It was time to go to work, to the work I get paid for and place any further searching off to a later date.

That night was a night of guarded enthusiasm as I hoped all would go well and I would be taking my girl home shortly after work ended and having all day Saturday to spend time with her and get her re-adjusted to life back at the studio and make adjustments as required to accommodate any of her special needs during her convalescence. The cab company is located on Roosevelt Road in Forest Park and it’s the same road that runs past the hospital I figured I had an hour to kill and taking it all the way out there would pretty much so accomplish that. So with a deep breath I started the car and off I went. The drive was relatively uneventful. I stopped along the way at McDonald’s for an iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich but other than that brief detour I drove straight out to the hospital. It took about 45 minutes to get there, I pulled into a space right across from the entrance and went inside. There already people there picking up their animals and a few there dropping them off the hospital also offers a boarding service for people who need to house their pets for a few days.

Approaching the counter I informed the young woman that I was there to pick up my dog, she had surgery there on Friday and the Doctor said she’d be ready today. The woman quickly processed the release, I was given a small refund from the surgery and led to an examination room to wait for the Doctor and Freya so I could take her home and into the next step of the healing process. I waited patiently in the room until the Doctor came in. She said that Freya should have been done with the effects of the anesthesia but was still very lethargic and wasn’t eating but still drinking excessively and that she really needs a blood test (the one that she said Freya probably wouldn’t need before the surgery), and that she should stay at least one more night until they could determine what was wrong. But I could go see her. I readily agreed to the blood test and the additional night stay and followed the vet into the back where she was resting.

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