The Fast Paced and Exciting World of Employment and Odd Life Experiences.

A blogging friend made a short list of things she knew I’ve done to make a living and it made think of all the things that I’ve done with my life from employment, to hobbies I’ve had over the years. So I thought for fun I’d post some lists I’m not naming employers since this isn’t a resume.

Employment the things that sustained me over the years. I have frequently held down multiple jobs so this list will be a bit long. They’re not in any particular order.

  1. The first paying job at 10 years old… Placing business cards advertising a roofing company door to door.
  2. Computer Operator Dad’s accounting firm (back in days prior to desk top computers)
  3. Professional Musician (I’ve touched on this a bit already)
  4. Clerk, Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, Franchisee. Retail from gas stations and c-stores to mall outlets.
  5. Drywall Taper
  6. Carpenter
  7. Supervisor for a Cleaning Service.
  8. Laboratory Technician
  9. Sound and Video Technician
  10. Cab Driver (I know whoda thunk that one)
  11. Flower Delivery man
  12. Insurance Agent
  13. Security Guard
  14. Motor Club Dispatcher
  15. Cab Dispatcher
  16. Foundry worker
  17. Car Jockey
  18. Auto Detailer
  19. Janitor

The most experience in any field is retail (20 years), followed by law enforcement (12 years ). I have never worked in food/beverage or medical, but there’s still time… 😉

Hobbies, after all with all the long hours working a man has to have his recreations…

  1. Model building (I included paying jobs a kid so why not hobbies)
  2. Model Railroading
  3. Ham/CB radio
  4. Guitar, Bass,Tenor Banjo, Dulcimer, Penny Whistle (Yes a hobby can be a job too.. :))
  5. Microscopy
  6. Society of Creative Anachronisms
  7. cooking/baking/brewing
  8. camping
  9. fishing
  10. hunting/shooting
  11. photography
  12. model rockets
  13. sketching, charcoal, watercolors
  14. blogging/writing
  15. reading
  16. Archery
  17. Darts
  18. Frisbee  😉
  19. Chemistry

So what kind of jobs have you done, still do? Hobbies?


About MartyW47

Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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8 Responses to The Fast Paced and Exciting World of Employment and Odd Life Experiences.

  1. I think I could challenge you on the job list! Hobbies I come up short. You have led a colorful life Marty.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Mimi! This was a real spur of the moment post, I’m working on another post that I’m just not ready publish yet. I have been wanting to get some stuff posted so I’m taking a break from it for a few days. I’m sure I missed a job or two but for the moment I’m blanking on them. I’ve always felt that what we do for a living is important but the things we do and try outside of work can be important too, especially when it comes to personal development and growth.

  2. Your job history quite impressive. You must be a well-rounded guy.

    You know how to cook, bake, clean, and fix things around the house. And you play the guitar! Marty, you’d make a very wonderful husband! 🙂

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Marj! Is this an inquiry, offer or a statement?… 😉 My current full-time job has an over-seas component as I’ve mentioned on your site. It’s always interesting to speak with people who are immersed in their own cultures, they bring new perspectives you’re the first person whose ever told me I’d make a wonderful husband. I’ve been called a “cool uncle” and a “great uncle” by both my nieces and nephew, and by his friends… 🙂

  3. reocochran says:

    I am thankful that I got you blogging about all the things you have accomplished, still do and did in the past! Wow! I am impressed and think this could be a book, … I will reread this list again at my leisure but have some dinner in the microwave beeping that it is done!

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you Robin! When I tell people I’ve been around and done a few things a lot of them don’t realize what everything I done over the years both as hobbies and jobs. I see have a hobby is as important as having a job and I don’t see mindlessly following professional sports as a hobby (though they are enjoyable Go Cubs! ;)) I also just noticed I left woodworking off my list of hobbies… lol! To answer your question on my post on your blog. Yes I am currently attending college as my time allows. This blog started as an extension of my college writing when I realized that I could easily turn out paper that exceeded the minimum length requirements and was encouraged by my teacher (he is a published author) to write my papers to whatever length they needed to be and to explore my writing wherever it took me. To that end, I actually got an “A” on paper based on the strength of my writing even though an analysis paper turned into a re-write of the story from the perspective of the victim. After receiving that “A” I decided that I had a need and desire to continue this writing exploration to where-ever it takes me… 🙂

  4. Marty my good man! What a interesting post. How have you lived so long and not done more 😀
    Sorry I had to be a smart _ _ _. That is one of my hobbies and or occupations in life. Seriously I love music, ballet, musicals, orchestra concerts, opera, and writing, painting not walls, just paper. I love designing and being creative. I work with animals as I am a Vet Tech. I love people usually 😀 and am finding a new life in a whole another state. I always enjoy your thoughts comments and admire how much you have done in your life. Like they say, ” a rolling stone gathers no moss.”
    Be good or just not tell me if you get arrested 😉

    • MartyW47 says:

      LOL! Thank you Yisraela! I did miss a few things… I also juggle (took a year to learn to just be able to juggle three), I also dispatched tow trucks for a motor club. Musically I like Jazz, Classical, Blues, International, Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Country In that order… I certainly have a creative side but tend focus intensely on things that have caught my interest. Working with animals is very cool, being a Vet Tech must be both interesting and rewarding. I always wanted to try a job working with animals. I usually try not to get arrested that would pretty much kill the police job. To date I’ve only been terminated from 1 job and laid off from 1 other… 🙂

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