Geez, has it been a year already?

About the second week in December I received a notification from WordPress that they were aware of my participation in an egregious act of a lascivious and possibly malicious nature. I have been…… Blogging. Oh, they were nice enough about it, they even sent me a icon nicely surrounded with a laurel as a way as  way of telling me they knew my dirty little secret and that I had been at it for a year.  They even included a few nice and encouraging words, their way of rubbing my nose in the fact that not only had I been Blogging but that they knew it.  They used words like Congratulations and phrases like; “Keep up the good work!” as their albeit polite way of pointing out my shame.

In my defense all I can say is; “They started it!” They’re like drug dealers handing out samples of their wares to unsuspecting school children, It started innocently enough as way to put my college papers out to see if they might garner the same reactions from other people as they did with my teachers and peers (OK, my “peers” were young enough to be my kids, most of them were at least). But, from there it evolved into an opportunity to further explore and hone my writing skills, I could easily meet the 5-6 page requirements for Rht 101 & the 8-9 page requirements for 102, by turning papers in the range of 12-26 pages. So I decided to check out Word Press with all the customizable themes and easy to use formating they even made it easy to figure out embedding links

Even inserting pics are a snap

Even inserting pictures are a snap.
Here’s picture of Triton College, my college campus. (Photo by me)

The allure of all this literary gadgetry to play with and the chance to explore writing too… It’s almost more than some poor schlub like me can stand. Then they have their cutesy onslaught of little awards Congrats you received 5 likes, 25 likes, 50 likes, or You now have 5 followers, 10 followers, 20 followers, even You have 5 posts, 10 posts, 25 posts the list goes on and on! Lest we not forget the challenges, writing challenges, photo challenges, even daily writing prompts or even the apex of all this insidious texturally photonic jocularity, literary explorations, and penned opinions. Freshly Pressed… It’s a cornucopia of digital publishing at its addictive best. Like the sirens of myth calling to all who come within their influence to run themselves aground on this belletristic Juggernaut , wandering through Freshly Pressed and your reader create an electrically scriven wonderland set forth to entertain, inform and provide a forum for those tortured souls to release their inner-torments laying them bare for all to see and prompting the brave and bold to the meek and mild to comment on…

I’ll finish my  brief missive before it becomes dismissive…

I’d like to take a minute and thank all of you that have stopped by, that read and especially to those who shared their feedback. It’s been a fun and interesting year.

My name is Marty and I’m a blogger.

I wouldn’t have it any other way… 😉

About MartyW47

Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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13 Responses to Geez, has it been a year already?

  1. Mimi says:

    Hilarious! Laurels to you on the one-year anniversary.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Mimi! It’s been a a lot of fun and very interesting reading about what others are thinking, their opinions, and their life experiences. It’s also fascinating to see what other do with their blogs as a way of personal expression.

  2. Blogging has that nasty little way of growing on you, and calling COME HITHER like the sirens of old, making you commit bloggery whether you want to or not. First it’s a year, then two and three, until you wake up and find, OMG, what have I been doing with my life, writing? it can happen…So beware!

    Great blog. I really enjoyed this post.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you very Pam! Yes the allure of blogging in a powerful one. Though as both an outlet for the individual and as global community, I don’t think its full value has been recognized.

  3. Congrats on your first blogoversary! Sending you some virtual cake.

  4. For all of us who are on WordPress, your words and experiences resonate. So by no means can we be dismissive about your missive. All power to you going forward.


    • MartyW47 says:

      Thank you Shakti! WP is a great site, I enjoy the interesting mix of people on here, even if I wasn’t blogging I’d be here just reading. Fortunately though, I’m able to share my experiences while being privileged to share in the experiences of others.

  5. Time flies…congrats on the year.

  6. I just received notification from Word Press couple weeks ago to say it was my two year anniversary. And they didn’t even give me a kiss! Seriously it is such a joy to meet people and learn from their hearts. And see their parts of the world.
    Congrats and thank you for visiting my site as well. Been trying to write about different things.

    • MartyW47 says:

      Thanks Yisraela and congrats on your two year anniversary! You have a great site, I’ve enjoyed poking around it immensely!

  7. Thank you Marty for enjoying my recent blog. You crack me up and make me feel such lightness of heart. You are infectious. Feel free to leave me comments. I enjoy hearing from you.

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