Any Magic Trick is Easy Once YOU Know the Secret!

The title of this post is a quote from the relatively recent past. A local legend to Chicago Television, Marshal Brodine a magician, actor, hawker, used that line to hawk his line of TV Magic Cards and other magic sets back in the 60’s through the late 70’s.

OK kiddies it’s time to put on the thinking caps and try to kick me off my soapbox or take what I’ve said here to heart and find the truth out for yourself…..

This picture says it all…. America and most of its people are in the red… What was that old saying? Oh yeah; “Better Dead than Red” (photo courtesy of Free Stock Photo’s)

Sadly, this is where the light-hearted side of this post will probably end. If you’re not amused by dark humor, you’ll hate this piece. That said, I’m going to give my take on violence and the other serious problems in America especially when it comes to the kids of today, our current economic situation and how it all inter-relates. Most of us have noticed here in the U.S.A. that besides the increase in over-all crime and lawless behavior by both adults and older teens. The children of today aren’t really getting those old carefree days of youth, at least not in same way that many more of us experienced them when we were kids. Todays kids are dealing with adult issues such as serious violence, pregnancy, alcohol and drug use at earlier and earlier ages.

See no evil or an innocent game of peek a boo. Kids these days are subjected to all kinds of inappropriate material the exposure comes from all the sources of the media, other older children and adults. (Photo courtesy of Free Stock Photos)

If your one of those whom feel I shouldn’t being injecting my opinions into this subject. Take your ditto-headed (the minions of that drug addicted, self-righteous mouth piece of all that’s wrong with America Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the do what I say and don’t think for yourself group of misogynistic, misanthropic morons with a mouth) ass outta here cause your part of the problem.  I hope that doesn’t sound to gentile, they tend not to know how to respond to tact.

Anyways, not to stray to far off subject. There is NO fast or easy fix to what ails our fine society. Regardless of the claims made by some politicians. There never was and never will be, even once we’ve taken the steps to analyze the true problems of society and not try to figure out ways to band-aid the symptoms. If we make a list of all “popular” the problems with society today we’ll find that in one form or another the issues have existed for as far back as anyone can remember. The big difference is the that today more than decades past the issues society faces are popping up as almost everyday problems.

Drug and Alcohol abuse, been around for centuries. When water wasn’t the safest thing to drink people living in or near cities drank alcoholic beverages. Kids drank wine and beer just like adults, albeit in some cases weaker than what the adults drank in some cases not, no one knew of the long-term bad side effects. Teen pregnancy was commonplace, back in the days when people 45 and older where rare venerated individuals, who did you think was replenishing the population? Hello? Kids did, well teens did. Kid on kid violence happened in those days too, they umm called it a war. I’m not talking police action, I’m talking swords and catapults and Calvary and siege towers and the like, kids hacking up other kids and adults (Even the venerated had to take action in those days to prevent becoming the ventilated.)  with axes, scimitars and halberds, lets not forget Bows, Crossbows, and Ballistas. Anyone might survive getting shot with a gun, try surviving  a battle-axe entering your right shoulder and exiting the left side of your abdomen. Honestly, no-one is walking away from that.

I had a Great-uncle who lied about his age to get into World War One, he made himself older, he was actually between 15 & 17 when he enlisted no one is too sure, and again to get into World War Two. This time he made himself younger, maybe he wanted to be one of the ventilated?!? Like  many other Americans of his day he did it because he felt he needed to fight to protect his way of life, his family, and Their chances to follow the American Dream. We all need to answer that kind of call today if we’re going to protect what we believe in, for our own lives, those who are dear to us, and those who will come after us.

Remember in the movie Braveheart when William Wallace and his men painted their faces blue before going into battle, it made them look extra scary. They really used to do that with a substance called Woad to dye themselves blue, a process that also had very mild psychotropic effects. (Besides its new use in possibly battling cancer.) Lest we forget, not so long ago Coke used to contain cocaine. Cocaine itself (among other drugs) was sold over the counter in those days no prescription required.  So I think it’s pretty fair to say that most of the “big issues” today have been around for and struggled with for quite a while.

The difference is that we were working towards changing all of that. As a nation we fought many hard-won battles throughout our history resulting in either directly (for example both the wars of independence and the civil war) ushering in independence for us as a nation and later throwing off the misguided ideas of slavery. Sometimes through happen stance ( the early struggles for unionized labor brought about a fundamental change in how all employed people were treated, both union and non-union) created a more civilized America. Many of the founding fathers in fact envisioned a gentleman farmer society where like themselves people were educated free-thinkers  in pursuit of higher philosophies and more civilized behaviors (as any one who has taken a moment to study them, some of the founding fathers were down-right hippies even by today’s standards). These very real problems in society are repeatedly touted as the biggest, most serious, and most in need of direct visible public action or else our entire society will collapse in upon itself. All the politicians need to do is take away some minor rights and enact minor legislation (with as much pork-barreling as it can tolerate). The end results being the only real thing accomplished is Americans losing their rights in an effort to gain “piece of mind” and not have time to take a serious look at what is really going on.

So where did we as a country go wrong? Where did we leave our humble beginnings and embark on what some call “The New World Order” while others more correctly call it economic servitude with a class (yes I said a class) of individuals in essence selling themselves not to individuals as in the past but to society itself allowing many of those in power to get a share of the efforts made by all the rest of us.

Has it ever occurred to you that although America prides itself on being a classless society we all frequently talk about the Middle Class in America. There can’t be a middle class without a class above and below for a middle to exist. Q.E.D. there must be at least 3 classes minimum in America for a Middle to exist.

This is a variation of a copyhold a term being so out of date and flying in the face of everything America is supposed to stand for. They needed to call it other things like free credit, home mortgage, rent (The idea of rent and loans came directly from the copyhold system), car loan, educational costs, hospitalization (Really, in country where we often claim to be number one, we’re struggling with the basic and reasonable idea of providing descent medical care for all of our citizens and not just for those who can afford to pay? America’s #1 Yay!), electricity, water, sewer, insurance, time-share, condominium, and many many more, just watch TV, listen to a radio, read a bus stop bench. All the nickel and diming that happens to Americans every single day adding layer after layer of socio-economic servitude. Now top it off with the unabashed and unchecked greed of those at “The Top”  and your beginning to see how economic servitude can and does thrive in America.

One of my personal favorites, Home Equity Loans! Let’s borrow against the money we’ve already paid and the increases of our properties value so we can incur more debt or make room to incur more debt! Makes total sense to me! I’m surprised they don’t offer car equity loans since the two loans are structured identically except for the loan durations. Oops! maybe I shouldn’t have said that…

In our everyday, people need a place to sleep and ideally live a private life that has some ability to shelter them from the elements and provide a comfortable living space. They need clothing, food, water, and good sanitation (which these days means the removal of waste from food consumption and preparation, bodily waste, and the ability to generally clean both the person and the environment in which they live. To truly live a basic life in this society one also needs electricity but if all the other needs are met this is the most expendable need and one that most could cope without.

Clothing in today’s society says as much as it ever has about who a person is by what they wear. Is this really the most important fact by which to judge people. Bernie Madoff wore a suit and stole millions from rich and poor alike. Your garbage man dresses in much less austere clothes but without him doing his job we’d all be over-run with rotting garbage and critters that come with it and there’d still be Ole Bernie and other guys like him trying to steal your future. (Photo by me)

But what does all this really mean to the real problems in our society, how is does anything I said in the above paragraphs relate to reducing crime rates, drug and alcohol abuse, teen violence and pregnancy. How does anything I’ve said above fit into keeping us safe from terrorism, from being defrauded, how does it strengthen family relationships closing the infamous and seldom used term “Generation Gap.” It is the basic framework for what I call the real big picture. It gets even more complicated but, I’m saving that for later. It’s more important that we stay within a smaller and more general discussion until you’ve had a chance to look into what I’m saying for yourself and achieve understanding for yourself of the issues that I’ve been watching unfold for a long-time.

I see is the biggest problem facing most Americans is quite frankly whether by malicious intent or by the inherent dangers of a capitalist society itself we have all in one way or another become economically enslaved in a land where the rich become richer, poor become poorer and the ever shrinking “middle class” bears the brunt of all economic bail-outs of both the poor AND the rich. By the way, during the last economic bust (i.e. the home mortgage debacle.) the term; Too big to allow to fail. flies in the face of true capitalism itself. Yet, The rich and powerful called upon our government to bail companies out and bail them out we did. Many companies receiving bail-out money used at least part of it to pay bonuses to top executives as way of saying; Thank you for screwing up the economy, laying off or terminating hard-working honest Americans while screwing others out of their chance of the American dream of home ownership all for benefit of us left with jobs and yourself and the other shareholders who would have suffered had we not received this money to help bail them out as well. Job well done!  Really? did we really do that? Yes and more importantly so did many of them. Some, those residing here in the U.S. were called to  the carpet and shamed into returning their ill-gotten booty (isn’t ill-gotten booty usually used to describe criminals? Amazing how well it works here too.). However, foreign companies and investors took their money and ran leaving us,  holding the empty bag and the bills for the unemployment checks paid to the unwitting accomplices of these economic terrorists. Oh, did I call them terrorists, I guess I did, after all a terrorist strikes at targets of opportunity where they can do the most damage with the least amount of economic and material expenditure to themselves while generating fear in the general population. The economic terrorist does almost exactly the same, they find ways of exploiting the country’s economic system at a minimum risk to themselves reaping the benefits at the cost of the society and those have to suffer the sleepless nights wondering when they’ll find another job, a place to live, will their utilities be cut off, can they afford food and clothing for the their kids and living with the fear they won’t. The definitions really aren’t that far off.

But, would anyone as fine and upstanding as a C.E.O.,  C.F.O., company president, or vice-president be so shady as to exploit Americans for their hard-worked earnings?

You bet your Bippy Skippy! Of course they would and have, smiling all the way to the bank. 😀 < see a big smiling face…

But why do they do these things and how does it affect all those aforementioned problems?

That’s part of the problem is the  easiest to both identify and explain. It’s all about greed, greedy people and their greedy needs, it’s also about the need to control, control the economy, real estate, the money and very lives of people. After all do you really think the rich, famous, and those who think they should be, want to seen  hobnobbing with mere commoners! Of course not, They’re special and we’re not. At least they fancy themselves as such and us as not.

But is this really so simple as basic human greed gone terribly awry?

Yes sadly it is.

So I guess we need to continue looking at life over the decades.
Don’t worry I’m not going throw out dates or form a time-line or some such nonsense. Dates and time-lines are for historians instead I’m just going speak towards the events in a rough progression, if you need dates look them up (the occurences are real the dates were dropped to protect those who are date challenged). There was a time in this fair land when the labor force was mistreated very badly even worse than now, but we’re catching up! They sure don’t exploit the workforce like they used to! Them was the Ole days!  America is number one! When people worked incredibly long hours on back-breaking labors and were replaced when they got too sick to work, even if a complete recovery was going happen. When children left schools before even reaching high school to join the labor force just to help their families make ends meet. People and children working in dangerous, filthy, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions for pennies a day. There was no 40 hour work week, what’s that you say; There isn’t one anymore? I wonder how that happened. People in those days generally worked 12 or more hours a day getting time off only on a few holidays and special events deaths, maybe weddings gotta increase the labor force, mom & dad ain’t going to live forever you know, if we can exploit them, exploiting their kids will be a cinch! many working at least 6 days a week. Gotta keep the Sabbath, even for them low life heathen laborers like miners, steel workers, store clerks, and bookkeepers (remember Bob Cratchit), and show the world our piousness even with our unwashed minions or is it masses.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
George Orwell, Animal Farm

The writings of George Orwell started to point out these kinds of inequities in society, in fact, the publishing of several of his books were delayed during world war two because the British government felt that it might strain relations with their war-time allies. (War can make for strange bed-fellows.) However staying focused on America, this exploitation really kicks into high gear as America enters the age of industrialization. After all, someone has to man the machinery that makes life easier for all of us. The age of industrialization brought with it many marvels and life does improve for the average person as long as you don’t count laborers. For example, when they started draining and claiming land in New Orleans slavery was still in place. However most of the work was done by emigrant Irish and Chinese. Mostly the Irish, the thinking at the time was if you lost a slave you lost and investment. Loose an Irishman and you don’t have to pay him what you owe him. Many emigrant workers died during that time due to the filthy working conditions, unsanitary living conditions in the camps and the diseases that go with it. The rich got what they wanted and it didn’t cost them so much. Or for that matter the railroads that cross this great land built by men whose greed allowed them to exploit Chinese laborers in traveling work camps under horrendous conditions and treated them so badly when they were working that many died trying to get their small piece of the American Dream.

People forget that in the not too distant past when most people  were earning a living wage life was generally good for almost everyone. Smaller Companies like the Maurice Lennel Cookie Company thrived. This plant besides having large windows where people could come and watch the cookies being made also had a retail shop with great prices and fresh cookies! sadly though, down turns in the economy brought an end to this plant, after the company was sold to a bigger manufacturer. (photo by me)

The indigenous American work force at that time wasn’t faring much better. Child laborers would do things like climb in hoppers full of coal and pick out the miscellaneous bit of rock and other foreign objects. The process cause painful swelling in hands and legs where the shale scratched them. Fortunately though urinating on the effected parts helped reduce swelling and allowed them to keep working soaked with their own urine. I know that sounds unbelievable but that’s how it was told to me by my Great Aunts & Uncles, my Grandmother was one of fifteen kids and they grew up in the town of Belleville Illinois early 1900’s where mining was the biggest business in town and almost all of my Great Uncles worked in the mines as kids before everyone moved to Chicago (that is definitely a story for another day…). But, at least in those days most of the mothers were home raising the kids. Domestic life back then was MUCH harder than it is today. Here’s something to ponder.  Households used to be able to function fine with only one parent supplying the income, what happened?

Kids these days play a lot of video games. It’s created electronic latch-key kids. Back in “The Day” there was a locally famous Norridge roller rink where these shops now stand. These types of amusements require parental supervision with smaller children. Giving entire families the opportunity to spend quality time together. They’re not all gone, but their going fast. The JoAnn’s Fabric’s store occupies the front entrance to the rink. the building behind the cookie factory in the above photo is this building. just west of here sharing the same parking lot is the now closed Norridge  Theater. 3 types of family entertainment gone. People wonder why problems with teens are up?  (Photo by me)

During that time in our history people started banding together in an effort to correct social injustice, improve working conditions, Women received the right to right vote, labor unions coalesced into a force of empowering workers to press for better pay, hours, and working conditions. In-spite of the efforts of American companies that hired armed thugs to try to motivate the works back into serf-like compliance.  The country was moving in a positive direction. Things weren’t perfect but we were headed in the right direction. Does it have to take a serious visual collapse of American society to spur people into action. Our history really is full of Americans stepping up to take on the injustices, America itself would still be a British commonwealth if its people didn’t.

So what happened? I thought unions were bad, they are a burden on employers and definitely not part of a capitalist society. That’s what a lot of Politicians these days say anyways…

You really don’t understand the importance of Unions? Or groups like the AFL-CIO? Unions and labor watch-dog groups are one of the key components to  a society where people are paid a fair wage for the work they perform. Their collective memberships give people the power to influence policies and pressure exploitive companies to comply with labor laws, employee contracts, and provide a forum where aggrieved employees and go to have disputes with management settled. At least that’s what they’re suppose to do. When he wasn’t handing the country over to the banks and mortgage companies Reagan spent much of his time in office breaking the unions. The drop in average incomes and over-all devaluation of the dollar versus the index of the cost of living proves it. Americans today do not have the same spending power they once had thanks in a large part to the loss of powerful Unions. We’re also not as safe as we once were…

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
― Benjamin Franklin

These days it’s bandied about the media that we’re in a recession, actually we’re in a depression. Then why do they call it a recession if it really isn’t?

A long time ago, back in the 1940’s (post World War II) or there abouts in an effort to calm the people, they started calling periods of economic depression as a recession as a way of linking it back to the Great Depression of the early 1930’s this allowed they to say; See! Things aren’t as bad now as they were then…. This is only a recession and the economy is going to bounce back! Give it a little time…  Fortunately for those making the claim, things usually did improve somewhat and life continued on However, if we’re really going to start working on solving the issues that plague us we need to drop the candy-coated euphemisms and start calling them what they are.

The Great Depression (1929)was triggered by the irresponsible actions of individuals claiming expertise in their profession and what they did exploiting a poorly regulated Stock Market and how those actions effected the economy of our nation and citizens residing within it. It didn’t happen over-night, in fact it took years of abuse to finally manifest.

The Great Depression of Aught Eight (2008) was triggered by the actions of irresponsible individuals claiming expertise in their profession and what they did exploiting a deregulated mortgage industry and how those actions effected the economy of our nation. It didn’t happen over-night, in fact it took years of abuse to finally manifest.

Here’s something you should try. Look up the “Rule of 78” it’s an accounting tool that they use to calculate amortized loan payments (Yes, that’s your home mortgage and car loans). Then walk into your local banks and mortgage lenders and ask the person who handles these types of loans what it is… I’ll tell you right now, about 95% of them won’t have a clue what you’re talking about, 4% of the remaining will heard of it but have no idea what it is, though they’ll think it’s used in loans. The remaining 1% will actually know.

The two definitions above are mine of course, but I know the first one is accurate and believe the second has the same degree of accuracy. But, They’re almost identical!? True, that’s why I believe we should be calling this a depression and not a recession. But, isn’t this just a semantic issue? No, for an important reason a depression can happen independently regardless of other issues. A recession requires a recent depression in which to be the recurrence of… They’ve been fast and loose with term for so long that it’s almost lost the definition it needs to have in order to remain effective in the lexicon.

“Don’t you see the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the language of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible because there will be no words in which to express it”
George Orwell, 1984

The one thing that is true in both cases is major corporations and the people who run them had a significant influence in both the creation and long-term effects of these events. Another and even more significant connection is that both occurred during a time when there were less regulations than what the industry really needs or needed to be able to provide REASONABLE safety relative to the inherent risks that these investments carry to its customers and set of guidelines that would still allow the companies to operate in a reasonably profitable manner, while allowing people the ability to enjoy the basic comforts of society without having to sacrifice every waking hour to that pursuit while neglecting the responsibilities of home.

Much like the stock market currently does and the mortgage industry used too. Before President Reagan and his big business cronies in the house and senate removed the restrictions on how much a mortgage company could lend based on  a person’s income. Doing so allowed companies to lend as much as they thought was a reasonable risk to themselves regardless of the person’s actual ability to pay. lending to people many times more than the 28 to 30% that was originally mandated by federal lending regulations.  I suppose we could say as many did at the time touting the increase in home values that occurred, but that really had more to do with the idea that because since people could “pay more” others could charge more. For all intensive purposes taking economy and the average wages earn by average people completely out of the picture. It created an entire lending industry that loaned based and person’s income without a soul to loan on what they really could afford to pay. Don’t believe that? Then why didn’t these lenders step up and say “No, we’re not going to force people to pay the out of control floating interest loans on the homes that they bought.” They didn’t because it’s the way the system works, they’re no longing just selling a house. The house itself becomes the cash producer for the company, They don’t the property, just the right to keep collecting payments for loans against it. While the hopeful “Homeowner” maintains the property so that one day they might just be able to take possession of the deed. A possession the banks and mortgage companies really don’t want to happen, though they’ll never admit to it.

During the copyhold system in history if the Lord of the Manor was “smart”, he’d make sure his copyhold tenants were never able to completely pay off their indebtedness and remain in his servitude.  Oh wait! Tenant is another term from that period. Where have we heard of it used to today? That’s right people who rent properties are called tenants… Who calls History Ancient… 😉

Wait, are you telling me that people might take advantage of others, I generally thought people are basically honest. I have a hard time believing that fine up standing people like bankers and others in the mortgage industry could do something like that….

They most certainly did, some because even though they didn’t agree with the lifting of the limits (take look, some of the more respectable banks and politicians in 80’s waged a resistance to the lifting of the limits. They almost won too) they felt they had to because “everyone else” was, some because they just couldn’t see the big picture and didn’t understand the full consequences of what was happening. Many of them though knew what it meant and realized fully what the long-term effects were going to be but didn’t care because their profit-margins in the here and now were going to net them millions and it did. Surprising, they were mostly the ones championing this stupid miss-step in the progress of American business ideals and principles.

Gordon Gekko: Teldar Paper, Mr. Cromwell, Teldar Paper has 33 different vice presidents each earning over 200 thousand dollars a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do, and I still can’t figure it out. One thing I do know is that our paper company lost 110 million dollars last year, and I’ll bet that half of that was spent in all the paperwork going back and forth between all these vice presidents. The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest. Well, in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated. In the last seven deals that I’ve been involved with, there were 2.5 million stockholders who have made a pretax profit of 12 billion dollars. Thank you. I am not a destroyer of companies. I am a liberator of them! The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much

That quote is from the 1987 Movie Wall Street that glorifies this idiotic mentality. Although, American companies were at one time definitely top-heavy, there were many that used the cuts at the top to further exploit the general workforce by making union jobs supervisory positions and requiring the supervisors (salaried employees of course) to work extra so that more people could be eliminated. It was then and sadly still is indicative of attitudes that although not as visible as they once were are still around today. We still see it taking different forms Bernie Madoff is a prime highly visible example, but there are many more before him and even more waiting in the wings. When they have their chance they will try their hand at cheating the American people and anyone else they can.

The economics lesson is great but when are we going to start talking about the problems with the violence, crime, and kids being out of control. I thought that’s what you were going to talk about…

Your correct, except this is exactly what I’m talking about, I’m identifying the problems I see as the real biggest problems, and heading towards what I believe are a better solutions than what has been and is being tried. How can subjects of the economic lesson have an effect on the societal problems we’re facing today? Very simply, by returning to people the chance to raise their kids not work 50+ hours a week, gives the people back their REAL chance at the American dream not this profit driven ad agency created illusion that we’re calling the American dream. Like I said the issues aren’t easy, there is no easy fix and there are wrong steps and pitfalls along the way and lately America seems to be taking a lot of them, it’s time for that to stop if we’re ever going to truly see the everyday problems of people be reduced into occasional events. My solutions aren’t perfect either but I believe better than what we’re doing right now.

The first step as I see it, reduce the work load that most Americans have to deal with. Give them time to raise their families, really raise their families, not just provide for their economic requirements while essentially parenting in absentia. Give them the time they need to take on the difficult task of parenting. Guide their kids through those rough years when their making the transition from child to adult. If they can do that then there will be a drop in teen pregnancy,  teen violence, teen suicide, also increases in academic levels, children with better self-esteem, self-image and having an opportunity to grow up knowing that there is someone out there watching out for them and not some person they barely know providing for them until they’re old enough to be out on their own. Honestly, when both parents are working two jobs or insane hours at one how much of a real relationship can they have with their kids. I’m not for a minute saying that they don’t try to make every effort to be available whenever their kids need them, but sometimes kids need a parent most when it seems like they don’t need one at all. We also all know that sometimes when we least expect it something that seems minor, all of a sudden becomes a major problem. It isn’t until we go back and assess what led up the problem getting out of control, that we realize it was always bigger then we gave it credit for. For example, the parents of the Columbine kids tragically missed the sign their sons were giving off prior to the attacks. The community in which they lived didn’t think of them as bad parents prior to the attack and many probably still do not.

Furthermore, and this is where the folks who run the companies will resist the strongest. Average workers need a higher income base, those at the top need a serious pay cut, and those who invest in companies need to have their entire profit structure and control  overhauled. If you don’t punch the clock and contribute actively to the well-being of the company whose stock you own, your needs need to become secondary to those that do. In Japan they have a rule that the head of a company can only earn seventeen times what the lowest paid person in the company earns. By tying these two incomes together it then becomes in the best interest of the head of the company to see that his workers are well paid. Heck if America still wants to be number one we could expand that amount to twenty times and the general workforce will still see an increase in pay. According to Forbes magazine (2012) America’s highest paid Executive John H. Hammergen of McKessen is making approximately 131.9 million per year. By implementing the twenty times rules the mailroom clerk would have to earn around 655k per year. Personally, I’ll sort mail, a lot of mail for 655k a year and smile a big smile all the way to the bank. 😀 < that’s me smiling cause I make 655k a year to sort mail!

Ok, I can see that some of what you’re suggesting would definitely have a positive effect on a lot of the problems Americans are having, but how do you plan achieve this pipe-dream?

Great Question, the answer is complex though so bear with me through my explanation. The single biggest problem in society really isn’t just the lack of jobs, it is also as I partially explained the ratio of what people earn versus the cost of living in our society and how the wealth is distributed. Many people today that  are working are making salaries that do not allow them to live adequately compared to what our parents and grandparents made in proportion to the average cost of living during their time. Today they’re carrying a much larger debt load with a smaller income, this needs to stop. When I was growing up my father worked and my mother stayed home and raised us until we were in high school. His income alone allowed for us to have a nice roomy house in a great suburb (Oak Park, IL) with two cars (a third one added after I got my license) and myself and my two sisters to attend private high schools (Oak Park has an excellent public school system). My dad was a small business owner (he was an accountant). Those days most products people bought were American made (there were all kinds of trade barriers making imported items very expensive compared to today), These days even with cheaper over-seas production big business and the people who run them completely devaluate  the worth of their employees. Think about it, number of jobs go down, people’s earnings go down, the hours they work go up, salaries replacing hourly rates. True? Meanwhile top people in these companies enjoy salaries, bonuses, company provided perks. To people most of whom can’t do the job of their front-line workers, whether it’s a cashier or an iron worker or any point in between. So why do they make so much money? Because there is no-one that will step in and tell them they can’t, the government won’t do it , their employees won’t do it, their share holders won’t do it. Then who will, or better yet, who should?

In past the Unions and Labor organizations were frequently the only substantial voice of the average American worker. It was their sway influencing the government much in the same way that big businesses have for years. However, again thanks to President Reagan and his cronies much of the power once wielded by unions and labor orgs was stripped away giving big business the chance to return to its old habit of exploitation. They started small, at first they made supervisory jobs (the ones usually held by union stewards) management positions removing union workers from the line and making all union positions non-management. They then required these managers to fill-in for union employees many of whom were eventually phased out. The union busting Reagan and his axis of evil committed upon the American public began chipping away at the rights of all
American workers to enjoy reasonable work days and the ability to commit more time to their families. The Government itself needs to shake off the shackles of big business and return to truly representing and protecting the people the way it used to, the way it should, the way the Founding Fathers intended. The government needs to become truly dedicated to serving the people it currently claims to protect. It needs to step in and curb corporate America’s greed and force a more level playing field for all. Just like there is a need for a separation of church and state there also needs to be a separation of business and state. Until happens, sadly we all continue listening to the whipping boys and girls of big business spouting their political dogma while nothing gets done.

Now wait just a minute President Reagan used the term; “Axis of Evil” to describe the enemies of the American people not his friends and other like-minded Americans.

Very true, I’m using the term here because it fits. Like the enemies of the day that threatened America, there were and are enemies within who dress the same, speak the same language, want the same things that all average Americans do, They were born and raised here but they’re every bit enemies of the state not much different then our enemies abroad. We’ll save America’s foreign policies for another discussion, but anytime you allow companies to infringe upon the rights of the citizens for their own profits you can certainly make the argument they’re evil, in fact given the ultra-religious factions that have been wielding influence in national politics both foreign and domestic, the term evil becomes even more relevant with bigoted intolerance that these same groups often support. In fact when President George H. Bush first used the term “New World Order” he was in referring to the then up and coming ultra-religious groups and their political allies that plague the American political scene even today. For example, Halliburton an American company that has for years been the refuge for High ranking Republican politicians seeking to get out of the political spot-light has benefited over the years receiving billions of U.S. dollars in government contracts even though they have  track record of screwing up the projects they attempt or out-and-out ignoring federal regulations when it cuts into their profits. How many of you know that the book and movie “The China Syndrome” was written about a Halliburton mistake that although it didn’t manifest as bad as it does in the story, it could have and almost did. Like the book, it required a whistle-blower to finally make Halliburton accountable for its error. The examples don’t stop here, they just continue, take a serious look at Blackwater and the other contractors reaping huge benefits on the wars over-seas (our good buddies at Halliburton are among those that have).  By the way, it’s much easier for contractors to play fast and loose with things like the Geneva convention then it is for governments like ours that signed the accord.  After all isn’t it the head of Blackwater that thinks we’re fighting a crusade over there.

Wait! Weren’t you talking about medieval stuff earlier? This is all so confusing! This is all influencing things here? My brains starting to hurt! Sorry for that, yes like watching the ripples in still water created when you throw in a hand full of pebbles into it. All this stuff influences whats going on here in America, think back to the title of this piece and what it means. The Reagan/Bush; Axis of Evil/New World Order all influence the events long after these Presidents have left office, further exacerbated by George W. Bush’s (I know, I didn’t have to mention him except we were talking about cocaine which is W.’s drug of choice. Look it up) Presidency the puppet-masters who were pulling his strings getting us into the wars we’re now fighting.

One last thought, I’ve been hearing a lot about people placing the blame for mortgage collapse on Former President Jimmy Carter because he pushed through legislation that helped the working poor and those with disabilities get home mortgages. What kind of absolute scumbag would make that kind of statement…

In case you missed it, I have actually stated both what I think the problems are and the solutions. I’m not going to fill it with a lot of conjecture on what I’ve said might be the outcome of my arguments. Because ultimately, the answers we seek will only be found if we all look for them and no solution ever turns out exactly as we expect. It takes more than just reading what I’m saying and accepting it. You need to look into all of this for yourself. I’m not trying to tell you what to think, just to think. Look at recent history, question everything don’t accept everything everyone tells you or that anyone tells you, look with an open mind. The truth awaits, Freedom awaits, the Real American Dream awaits.

Oh Yeah, how does the title really fit into this piece. That’s the easiest part of all to explain. Those seek to maintain this current system of exploitation are experts at misdirection. They have everyone worrying about problems that have existed for centuries while they systematically and stealthily remove laws that protect all of from the exploitation they’re seeking to protect…. Think about that too…  😉

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Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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