Why Ponder Why?

I decided to start this piece based solely on the power of the word why. Why?

Why do you ask why, one might ask. Why?

Well, why is the question with no set or simple answer. Why?

It is the question with no end. Why?

It forces us to ponder why is why the way it is and why it isn’t that which it is not. Why?

Yet even when we decide what is why and why is why, there is always another why to answer. Why?

They say that to know good is to do good. Why?

Why? Why?

Why do we what is good and why is it good? Why?

Why is good not evil and why evil not good? Why?

Why can’t we do evil and have it be good? Why?

Why can’t we do good and have it be evil? Why?

Why are the best of intentions not enough? Why?

Why is it sometimes they are? Why?

Is there a final answer for why? Why?

Is why the the final answer for why? Why?

Why could not be the final answer for why.

For why would only ask “Why?” Why?

For to truly know why is why, why would then cease being why. Why?

Just one more thing to ponder Why?

About MartyW47

Attending Triton College. Studying Emergency Services Management & Criminal Justice. Currently employed @ MPPD & Aflac. After 30 years out of school I'm back in College and having a Blast!
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3 Responses to Why Ponder Why?

  1. well, martin….heres the low down…i think im also a guitarist….i bought my acoustic nigh on 5 yrs ago…practised like a madman for the first few months…then gave up! thats why i say i think im a guitarist! so now im playing around with a saxophone and harmonica..but im too impatient! anyways, great question you raise here…why. thats the story of my life too…why are we here…why do good peeps die young….why do we humans treat each other like we wouldnt even treat animals….if there is an all-caring god, why do we suffer so….the list goes on….

    • I hear ya, No matter what conclusion you draw or decision you make Why is always looming right around the corner…… The possibilities of Why are endless. Why did you decide to give up the guitar after a few months? Why switch to Saxophone and Harmonica? Or Why are you impatient? With Why Every question begets other questions. Even if you get an answer to a question such as; Suffering builds character and causes us to grow emotionally and mentally and to continue to evolve an all-caring god must know that we need certain amount of adversity to continue in our development in hopes that one day all of us will be able to rise to a higher existence. You might find that to be an acceptable answer or not but either case additional questions starting with Why are begging to be asked…..

      • hey, martin! i had to laugh…why did i give up the guitar, why did i take up harmonica..why why why! today, i heard a hymn being sung on the radio….then i wondered…rightly or wrongly…who is this they are all singing about? why does he let his people go around with double-standards…why does he let innocent people suffer? why does he let the evil-doers prosper?…why why why…martin, i give up!

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