My Dog Freya, yep you’d should have known there’d be a dog post coming…… LMAO!



My Dog Freya

This is Freya she’s a mixed breed dog who is six years old. Her mother was a chow chow and her father was a Labrador Retriever.  I got her after a friend of mine had to get rid of her because his wife did not want a dog. Generally, Freya is a great dog she listens well and obeys most of the time she’s also not the least bit aggressive. The exception being thunderstorms, when she’s inside she’s terrified by them, outside surprisingly she handles them much better, although she’s still not happy with having them going on around her. I can walk her without a leash and she is better behaved when she’s off one. While leashed she’ll pull every which direction trying to check out stuff. It’s like she’s trying to show me the world through her eyes, I say this because when she’s off the leash she stays near me, follows me when I’m walking and watches everything I do. When we’re at home she stays with me room to room for the most part. She seems happiest as long as she can see me.

Freya is quite a character, she loves chicken, loves it more than beef, pork, or fish.  She loves it boiled, fried, baked, roasted, skinless or not, light or dark just as long as it’s chicken.  I swear if given the choice between a 16oz steak and a chicken wing she’d choose the wing every time, of course after she’d consumed the wing then she’d go after the steak. Fortunately for me she’s not much of a chewer beyond that, we got through her puppy years at the cost of only one power cable for my scanner and nothing else chewed. The scanner cable was outputting only 9 volts so I’m sure that she got a little shock but thankfully nothing more.   She also loves babies, puppies, hot peppers (yes, I said hot peppers, especially sport and giardiniera), and small animals of all sorts. When my nieces were babies she loved to go up to them while they were in their carrier and lick them all over their faces. They loved it too my nieces would laugh and giggle the whole time. Now that their older she still loves to spend time with them, she’s very patient with them while they give her hugs and play with her.  If she hears them coming she’ll jump up all excited and want to go greet them.  She also loves to chase squirrels, she doesn’t want to catch them just run behind them and sniff the ground. One fall she caught a big squirrel that was ready for his winter hibernation in the backyard. The poor squirrel thinking he was about to become lunch took off running but was too big to fit through the fence and to slow to get to the gate so as he’s making his made wobbling dash trying to exit the yard there’s Freya inches behind him just sniffing the ground as he ran away from her. The squirrel did make it through the opening at the gate and we never did see him in the yard again.

Her favorite game is to run along the fence racing the dogs in the yard next door. She started this game with a German Sheppard that lived next door.  They’d run back and forth as quick as they could barking the whole time, sometimes much to my chagrin late at night! These days, there is a different dog next door, a little dog named Rosie, Freya scares her away with all the running and barking, poor Freya can’t figure out why Rosie runs away whenever she approaches the fence. Her current tactic is to sit or lie there quietly and wait for Rosie to get close but in the end she jumps up and starts with the running and the barking and Rosie takes off for the other side of her yard leaving Freya very confused and frustrated. Fortunately, these days Rosie is coming around to the idea that Freya just wants to play, but she’s still not entirely convinced, so now they have this odd dance of Freya running back and forth along the fence and Rosie charging the fence and then running away. It’s amusing to watch because Freya doesn’t know how to act when she’s doing this, so she’ll sometimes swing out from her normal running pattern to avoid little Rosie’s oncoming charge.  On the other side there are two small poodle mixes that will play with her the way she wants to play so they all go running back and forth in a much more orderly fashion which suits Freya’s thinking about how the game should be played. The downside to their playing is there is also a mud puddle there, Freya being a dog just runs through the mud and gets herself, especially her paws coated in it, which of course means I have to wash it off of her.  But overall I can’t complain she is a great dog.

Keeping up Appearance that Your Paying Attention

A Freya at rest tends to stay at rest!

Like all dogs she likes her rest. Of course if she can hook that together with looking out the windows it’s all the better! Couches are of course her favorite “daybed” she’ll sprawl out across them and just enjoy the cozy comfort. Which leads to another one of her more interesting views on how her world works,  she won’t jump up on my bed when I’m in it (unless there’s a thunderstorm, hey sometimes the rules just need to be broken!) but as soon as I leave, up she goes! She’ll snuggle in next to my pillows and go back to sleep. However, when I come back it’s off the bed and back to the floor (her dog bed) again.

She and I talk from time to time, well ok not actual vocal conversations but we have a sort of sign language that we use. It starts when comes and sits where I can see her, after I acknowledge her she’ll do something to tell me what she wants, this is something she developed on her own. When she wants a treat, bone, food or water she’ll open and close her mouth just once, then I have to ask her what it is that she wants by naming the items above. When I choose the right item she’ll make a gesture kinda like a dance but she’s still sitting. If she wants to go out she’ll turn her head motioning towards the door. If she wants attention or she’s afraid of something she’ll come up to me and touch my leg and then sit. It’s easy to tell if something is scaring her you can see it in her eyes as she’s looking at you. If she’s tired and ready for bed she’ll go stand at the bedroom door and if she really doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone she goes in her crate.  If someone is hurt she comes running up to me motioning me by running towards the injured person and then back to me so I can follow and help. If it’s me that’s hurt she’ll run to the closest person she can find and try to get them to follow her by dancing around while crying and heading off in my direction then run back and forth until they follow and help me. )ne time I was staying at my sisters and Freya was there with me, I was swishing water around in my mouth and she thought I was in trouble (I wasn’t) She took running upstairs into my sisters room jumped on the bed and her to wake her up, of course my sister had no idea what was going on or that Freya was trying to get her to follow her. Needless to say my sister was rather upset.  In the end it all got straightened out, I still laugh about it.

I’ve been trying to think of a good ending for this piece, it’s rough because the story itself doesn’t have an ending yet and hopefully won’t for many more years to come.  I’ve had some great dogs over the years but there is something about Freya that sets her apart from the others.

Don't make her angry,, You won't like her when hers angry! ;)

Don’t make her angry, You won’t like her when she’s angry!

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  1. good post marty, reminds me of my dog sasha, especially the following all over the house. In fact their are times when she is not around and I go to the bathroom, when I get out, she is right there waiting for me. I guess for the most part, since we are not at 100% health, they know it

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